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Niruddha is a yoga wellness studio, specializing in group classes and private lessons for therapies (for ailments), weight loss programs, beginners and advance practitioners. It has been founded out of love and passion for Yoga and the self empowering path upon which it takes you.

At Niruddha, we put the safety of our participants before everything else which allows us to share in a joyful way of Practicing. That is why we ensure that our Yoga Therapist and Teacher are certified and highly experienced so that our participants get nothing less than the best care for the entire duration of their practices.

When looking for yoga practices, you will find that in our practices, we try to lift up the participants and encourage them as we believe in honoring the individual potential. We respect the old traditions of yoga and have tried our very best to include as much of the traditional practice as possible while at the same time making it adaptable to our modern lifestyle.

We hope to see you soon here at Niruddha.

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