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Yoga Therapy adapts the practice of Yoga to the needs of people with specific or persistent health problems. Yoga therapists prescribe specific regimens of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to suit individual needs. We will then design a yoga and meditation program for you to assist you in the journey of life for a balanced and a harmonized self.

Medical research shows that Yoga therapy is among the most effective complementary therapies for challenges may be an illness, a temporary condition like PREGNANCY OR CHILDBIRTH, or a chronic condition associated with old age or infirmity or several common ailments like

  • Back pain, Neck pain, Knee pain, Spondylitis, Arthritis, Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, over-weight
  • Menstrual disorders (scanty, delayed or heavy)
  • Heart problems, Hypertension, High blood pressure
  • Migraine, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinus, Allergies etc
  • Gastro Intestinal Diseases (gas, constipation, acidity, peptic ulcer etc.)
  • Sciatica, Varicose Veins, DVT
And many other neuro and physiological conditions

Benefits of Yoga Therapy:

  • A healthy living by reducing medication, pain and stress.
  • Yoga is therapeutic for muscle pain and reduces the risk of overextending and damaging muscles
  • Removes tardiness of organs and improves the functioning.
  • A light and energized physical feeling.
  • A stronger, more flexible body, giving your muscles and joints a greater range of motion and reducing pain and unnecessary fat.
  • An improved nutritional intake, metabolism and digestion
  • Helps clean the body of toxins gathered through an unhealthy lifestyle
  • With higher energy levels, yoga replenishes lost vitality to the body
  • The body and mind is kept youthful, fresh and powerful
  • The mind calms; concentration and memory improves through the sharpening and focusing of the mind
  • Quality and consciousness of the breath improves

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